About Us


Our Moto :

"Sarve Santu Niramya, Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah".
 To maintain all human healthy and free from diseases.

  Supraja Wellness Center opened in 2006 with the aim of making the profound benefits of Ayurveda easily accessible for everyone. Our town centre location is very convenient and easy to get to, and appointments can be tailored around your schedule.

From the moment you set foot in Supraja Wellness Center, you will feel like you have entered a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. You will feel utterly relaxed and rejuvenated in the hour or so that you spend with us, ready to take on the world again.

The founders of Supraja Wellness Center are passionate about the incredible healing power of Ayurveda and it ability to help all of us to maintain good health. Health is a simple concept that resists simple definition. You have probably felt it, and know it when you see it: a person whose step and smile radiate that certain something that feels wholesome and well-nourished.

We have brought India’s oldest medical science closer to your doors. We invite you to use our facilities and experience the difference yourself.


People use to see lot of Ayurveda and yoga centres around them. They should know how to choose an authentic centre for their therapies and treatments.
We at Supraja Ayurveda and yoga centre are practicing authentic ayurveda practices.
These practices not only rejuvenate you but also provide good relaxation. The founder members of our centre are practicing after completion of post graduation. They are even continuing their research work through Ph.D. in the concern subjects.

We are practicing all Panchakarma treatments and other healing therapies since last ten years. Good experience, honest practice, perfect diagnosis and research attitude has helped our centre to evolve as one of the best centers in our location

We are specially working in the following fields which are giving us new identity.

1. We work in the field of Gynecology with non hormonal ayurveda and yoga therapies.
2. We work for cardiac and joint rehabilitation therapies with our specialized programs.
3. We are practicing Garbhasamskara for building new generation and minimizing the obstetric complications.
4. We have the expertise for corporate wellness programs who are conducting special awareness lectures. We conduct the     lectures regarding role of ayurveda in prevention and treatments of various diseases.
5. We conduct specialized workshops like meditation workshops for executives, for pregnant woman and couples.
6. Preconceptional counseling, shodhana therapies before pregnancy, Rasayana and vajikarana therapies are used for the     various obstetric treatments and for the improvement of quality of sperm and ovum.