Weekend Panchakarma workshop for Delayed aging


Supraja wellness is arranging weekend panchakarma programs.

Aim of workshop :
Delayed aging, improving physical and mental fitness, decreasing stress, improving digestive functions and ultimately improving the nutrition will be the aim of workshop.

The program will be conducted on every 3rd saturday and sunday of the month in four sessions.
1. Morning and evening session on Saturday
2. Morning and evening session on Sunday

Who can attend program :
• All healthy people can attend the program
• The patients who are suffering from digestive problems like acidity, gases, indigestion, constipation etc.
• The women with weight gain, menstrual disorders, infertility, PCOD, etc. problems can attend the programs
• The patients suffering from bone and joint disorders, backache can also attend
• The patients with decreased sleep, decreased sexual desire, stress induced headache, migraine can attend the workshop
• The persons who want to be fit and younger for long life can attend the workshop

What are the contents of workshop :
Every individual will be assessed differently.
The program will contain following therapies.
• Shirodhara
• Massage and steam
• Basti chikitsa
• Nasyam (Facial massage, facial steam, nasal medication for all allergic conditions)
• Constitution analysis
• Diet advice as per constitution and disease

Other panchakarmas will be included as per patients constitution and their need

Charges for workshop :
The charges for the weekend panchakarma will be Rs. 3500/- only.
The decision of therapies for an individual will be taken by doctors only.